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Bengtsson Ågren, Elsa

Rehabilitation needs before, during and after adjuvant chemotherapy



Strengbom, Rebecca

Evaluation of Growth Patterns of Colorectal Liver Metastases  Using 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose and 15O-water Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging



Söderkvist, Britta

Hedgehog signalling as a target for cancer treatment



Herdenberg, Carl

Characterization of Lrig null cells: The phenotypic characterization of Lrig null mouse embryonic fibroblasts



Öhman, Wilhelm

Retrospective FDG-PET/CT study on the frequency of distant metastases and/or synchronous malignancies in ear-nose-and- throat cancer



Sunesson, Helena

Pancreatic Cancer - To Treat or Not to Treat?: Do we see an increasing trend of active treatment of pancreatic cancer and can prognostic nomograms be useful in decision of treatment strategies and when to end treatment?



Pettersson, Emma

Does tumour growth rate between surgery and start of oncologic treatment affect survival in patients with glioblastoma?



Persson Snåre, Erik

Mirror movements within stroke: Associations to functional brain response and movement quality: An fMRI and kinematics study



Negassi, Niyat

How accurate are neuronal networks for evaluation of Bone scans?: A retrospective study comparing EXINI Bone to physicians' evaluations of prostate cancer patients



Jansson, Ingrid

A comparison of 11C-acetate PET/MRI and PET/CT: Standardized Uptake Values, volumes and effects of attenuation correction and scanner resolution




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Examensarbeten inom medicinsk teknik utförda i samarbete med andra institutioner.

Martin Lundmark
Clinical evaluation of atlas-based segmentation for radiotherapy of head and neck tumoursvt 11

Christoffer Granberg
Klinisk utvärdering av atlasbaserad segmentering för radioterapi av prostatatumörervt 11

Emmelie Hjulfors
Optimal margins between clinical target volume (CTV) and planning target volume (PTV)vt 11

Emma Mähler
Optimering av bildkvaliteten för SPECT-undersökningar med 111-In-Octreoscan vid Norrlands universitetssjukhus: - en Monte Carlo studieht 10

Sara Andersson
Evaluation of the radiation protection at the new radiotherapy treatment department at the University Hospital of Umeåvt 10

Kristina Andersson
Evaluation of uncertainties in sub-volume based image registrationvt 10

Nils Kadesjö
Investigating diode detectors for in vivo dosimetry in intensity modulated radiation therapyvt 10

Jonny Nordström
Breathing adaption in radiotherapy. CT-imaging with breathing synchronization and comparative treatment planning for left-sided breast and lung cancer
vt 10

Andreas Johansson
Implementation of IMRT - inverse dose planning and QAvt 10

Susanne Rylander
Prostate localization prior to external radiotherapy using magnetic resonance imaging and implanted fiducial markers
ht 09

Ida Häggström
Voxel-wise Kinetic Modelling of 11C-Acetate for Early Cancer Therapy Response Evaluation
vt 09

Elin Styf
Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) in head and neck cancer. A comparative treatment planning study using physically and biologcally based optimization
vt 08

Johan Bergström
Tumour metabolic rate correction in PET/CT imagingvt 08

Morgan Nyberg
Patient transport solution. Use of MR for daily prostate localizationvt 08

Maria Olevik Dunder
Clinical investigation of anatomical and dosimetric changes in head and neck patients using cone-beam CT
vt 08

Kajsa Fridström
Radiation treatment of left sided breast cancer: A comparative dose planning study using photons, electrons, and protons
vt 08

Gustav Widar
Dose and image quality evaluation in Örebro County Council and evaluation of software for automatic reading of a contrast-detail phantom
vt 08

Samuel Kuttner
Evaluation of clinical procedures required before the implementation of IMRT treatments delivered with dynamic MLC. Planning - Verification - Quality Assurance
vt 08

Joakim Jonsson
Radiotherapy treatment planning based solely on magnetic resonance imaging vt 08

Ylva Lindgren
Experimentell verifikation av BEAMnrSpridning av elektronstråle mot bly
vt 08

Ola Norrlid
Quality assurance in photon beam radiotherapy -
Implementation of a method for CT-based calculation of absorbed dose in a point in a patient
ht 07

Evelina Lundberg
Qualitative study of prostate motion in radiotherapy - Based on magnetic resonance and computerised tomography images
ht 07

Henrik Andersson
Initial clinical evaluation and implementation of a 3D surface system for positioning of breast patients
ht 07

Robert Acha
Determination of basic dosimetric properties of an Annular Liquid Ionisation Chamber (ALIC)
ht 07

André Haraldsson
Optimisation of lung cancer treatmentA comparison of IMRT and conventional radiotherapy planning
ht 07

Anders Wåhlin
Reproducibility of phase contrast MRI flow quantification
vt 07

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