Susanna Jakobson Mo


The PEARL-PD project ([18F]FE-PE2I PET/CT study of Dopamine Transporters in Early Parkinsonian Disease) is a non-profit, academic clinical trial (Eudra CT-nr: 2015–003045-26) evaluating the diagnostic performance of a new, highly selective positron emission (PET) tracer for the Dopamine Transporter (DAT). The PEARL-PD study is conducted in collaboration with scientists from several disciplines at Umeå University as well as the researchers at the Karolinska Institute who developed this tracer.
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Forskare - Diagnostisk radiologi

Susanna Jakobson Mo
Lars Nyberg
Nina Nevalainen
Greger Orädd
Anna Rieckman
Katrine Riklund
Torbjörn Sundström