Radiation Physics and Biomedical Engineering

The research fields in radiation physics and biomedical engineering at Umeå University covers mainly the use of radiation in medical applications, but also the other uses of medical technology and informatics in health care.

This type of researchy is carried out mostly by radiation physicists or medical engineers. Our research is mainly focused on clinical applications and is in close co-operation with Swedish or foreign companies. We also conduct radiation protection research in collaboration with FOI, the Swedish Defense Research Institute, and other radiation protection organisations.

In the field of radiation is also the area of non-ionising radiation included. We work with electromagnetic fields in our environment, MR cameras, surgical diathermy, cell phones, and its biological effects.

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Researchers - Radiation Physics & Biomedical Engineering

Jonas Andersson
Natalia Arteaga
Jan Axelsson
Michael Blomquist
Anders Eklund
Anders Garpebrin
Jón Hauksson
Kjell Hansson Mild
Ida Häggström
Lennart Johansson
Joakim Jonsson
Magnus Karlsson
Mikael Karlsson
Anne Larsson Strömvall
Olof Lindahl
Helena Lizana
Ronnie Lundström
Tommy Löfstedt
Tufve Nyholm
Jörgen Olofsson
Lennart Olofsson
Rickard Sjögren
Heikki Tölli
Urban Wiklund
Jonna Wilén
Fredrik Öhberg