The Department of Oncology at Umeå University was founded in 1959. We have a very close collaboration with the Oncology Clinic at the University Hospital of Northern Sweden, which is the largest oncology clinic in the region. All kinds of cancer diseases are treated with different types of modalities, like radiotherapy, chemotherapy antibody treatment of biological treatment.

Our field of research and development is very diverse. Experimental research on i.e. maglignant glioma and prostate cancer done at our research laboratory.

Continuous development work is done at the radiotherapy department, in close co-operation with the radiation physics and diagnostic radiology departments, to improve the accuracy and precision in radiotherapy treatments.

We also have a clinical research unit for clinical trials.

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Researchers - Oncology

Ulrika Andersson
Anne Andersson
Thomas Asklund
Michael Bergqvist
Anna Dahlin
Lars Franzén
Bethany van Guelpen
Håkan Hedman
Camilla Holmlund
Barbro Numen Hellquist
Martin Hellström
Roger Henriksson
Per Lenner
Jack Lindh
David Lindqvist
Ingrid Ljuslinder
Mikael Johansson
Håkan Jonsson
Camilla Thellenberg-Karlsson
Terese Karlsson
Beatrice Melin
Jonas Nilsson
Emma Persson
Anna Rosén
Maria Sandström
Basel Sithoy
Anders Wahlin
Carl Wibom
Anders Widmark
Björn Zackrisson
Daniel Öhlund