The department of Radiation sciences provides a unique environment for translational research e.g:

  • Image based neurology research with MRI
  • Molecular epidemiology with bio banking of blood samples from fresh frozen tumors and cohorts of prospectlvely collected samples
  • Cutting edge human biomarker imaging laboratory with  PET/MR and a fully equipped tracer laboratory for cancer therapy planning and monitoring of therapy
  • Environment for extensive tumours studies and experimental mouse and cell line models in our Cancer Research Laboratory
  • Environment for large scale clinical studies integrated in the North Sweden cancer centre with national collaboration
  • Expertise and infrastructure in imaging for metabolic diseases
  • Biomedical engineering

At the department we have a broad collaborative network with national and international collaborators.


Brain tumour – prof. MD, Beatrice Melin, prof. MD, Roger Henriksson, PhD, MD, Maria Sandström
Colorectal cancer – ass prof. MD, Bethany van Guelpen
Head- and neck cancer – prof. MD, Björn Zackrisson
Pancreatic cancer - PhD. MD Daniel Öhlund
Prostate cancer – prof. MD, Anders Widmark, prof. Olof Lindahl, PhD. MD, Camilla Thellenberg Karlsson
Biomarker imaging techniques – prof. Tufve Nyholm, ass prof. Anne Larsson Strömvall
Experimental oncology – ass prof. Håkan Hedman


Neurological diseases – prof. Lars Nyberg
Liquids flow and pressuire in neurology – prof. Anders Eklund
Quantitative Sensory Testing (QST)  – prof. Ronnie Lundström  

Metabolic diseases

Metabolic imaging – prof. MD, Katrine Åhlström Riklund

Our Research environments are the following:

Umeå center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI)

Umeå center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI) was established in October 2001. The overall purpose of UFBI is to support and develop brain-imaging studies at Umeå University and the University Hospital of Northern Sweden (NUS).  Imaging is done with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), and more recently a PET/CT and PET-MRI facility with cyclotron and radiochemistry has been added.

For more information contact: 
Lars Nyberg

Center for Biomedical Engineering and Physics (CMTF)

Centre for Biomedical Engineering and Physics is a network involving research groups from several departments at Umeå University and Luleå University of Technology with collaborations with the county counsils in Norr- and Västerbotten as well as industry. The aim to coordinate and strengthen excellent research in the field.The ultimate goal is methods, productsand services for more efficient, better andsafer healthcare.

For more information contact: 
Olof Lindahl

Oncology Research Laboratory

A translational research unit associated with the Oncology Clinic at the University Hospital of Northern Sweden.
Both basic scientists and clinicians are working in close collaboration, thereby creating a translational and highly stimulating environment.

Basic Facts

For more information contact: 
Håkan Hedman

Biomarker Imaging Laboratory (BILab)

The project aims at use of multiple molecular imaging methods along with other tumor markers in order to plan and monitor cancer treatments.
The environment is built around a PET-MR facility for molecular imaging integrated into a clinical treatment process. Data collection focuses on quantitative localized biomarkers with PET and MRI supplemented with blood and tissue data. Clinical data are collected from clinical trials, initially in glioma, prostate and squamous cell carcinoma in different organs.

Project description

For more information contact:

Prof. Björn Zackrisson, oncology and coordination of clinical projects
Prof. Katrine Åhlström Riklund, radiology / nuclear medicine
Ass Prof. Tufve Nyholm, medical physics, MR and data analyses
Ass Prof. Anne Larsson Strömvall, medical physics, quantitative PET
PhD Anders Garpebring, Quantitative MR-physics
Prof. Mikael Karlsson, head of department


In focus

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Researchers - Diagnostic Radiology

Susanna Jakobson Mo
Lars Nyberg
Nina Nevalainen
Greger Orädd
Anna Rieckmann
Katrine Åhlström Riklund
Torbjörn Sundström

Researchers - Oncology

Ulrika Andersson
Anne Andersson
Thomas Asklund
Michael Bergqvist
Anna Dahlin
Lars Franzén
Bethany van Guelpen
Håkan Hedman
Camilla Holmlund
Barbro Numen Hellquist
Martin Hellström
Roger Henriksson
Per Lenner
Jack Lindh
David Lindqvist
Ingrid Ljuslinder
Mikael Johansson
Håkan Jonsson
Camilla Thellenberg-Karlsson
Terese Karlsson
Beatrice Melin
Jonas Nilsson
Emma Persson
Anna Rosén
Maria Sandström
Basel Sithoy
Anders Wahlin
Carl Wibom
Anders Widmark
Björn Zackrisson
Daniel Öhlund

Researchers - Radiation Physics & Biomedical Engineering

Jonas Andersson
Jan Axelsson
Anders Eklund
Anders Garpebring
Christer Grönlund
Jón Hauksson
Kjell Hansson Mild
Ida Häggström
Lennart Johansson
Joakim Jonsson
Mikael Karlsson
Anne Larsson Strömvall
Olof Lindahl
Helena Lizana
Ronnie Lundström
Tommy Löfstedt
Tufve Nyholm
Jörgen Olofsson
Rickard Sjögren
Heikki Tölli
Urban Wiklund
Jonna Wilén
Anders Wåhlin
Fredrik Öhberg